Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ready to Nuke the Microwave

Hi all!

Its been a year and a half (!!) since we moved into our Ravenna and I have been a very bad girl about posting updates.  I promise to post some pictures soon.

The inspiration for this post is that our "upgraded" GE microwave has #($*%&ing stopped working! And, of course, its also out of warranty.

For a few weeks, I've felt like there was something amiss.  It seemed like it was taking longer than normal for say, a potato to cook, and it was taking double the time for my fake bacon to cook in the morning.  We finally tested it out this weekend and found out that yes indeed, the microwave was doing no better than making things lukewarm.

After futzing with it, unplugging it and plugging it back in (it works for the computer, right?) and cleaning out some of the filters, it still remained only lukewarm.

The manual very helpfully said that if it wasn't getting food hot, to reset the power level.  Which was great, but it neglected to tell us how exactly to reset the power level.

I've discovered that if I cook food on power 9 (90% power) it actually cooks stuff.  On power 10 (100%) it acts like it is defrosting butter.  Anybody had similar experiences or advice?

I'm so disappointed that this brand new appliance has turned out to be such a piece of crap.  I have a Kenmore microwave at my rental townhouse that has been problem free since 1999.  I can assure you that this experience will ensure that I never purchase a GE appliance voluntarily.

Hope all my Ryan Friends are doing well, and can make food hot!!