Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deck the yard

Well, the bedroom isn't put back together good enough for pictures yet, so I've decided its high time to share with you pictures of our new deck!

20' x 20' Deck
I am fortunate to have "my own guy" for house projects, so when it came to doing the new deck, calling him up was a no-brainer.  I probably could have done it for less, but with "my guy" I knew it would get done, get done well and be mostly on time.  And it was, just in time for my graduation/memorial day/deck-warming.

We thought 2 sets of steps would be nice
I'd like to do a patio area in front of morning room

This would be where a patio would go.
The deck is 20' x 20', with hidder hanger fasteners, so there are no exposed screw heads. I took months to pick out a type of deck, and color and after much internet research, price comparisons and anxiety, we chose Timber Tech Earthwood Evolutions in Pacific Rosewood.  This type of deck board is composite on the inside, and coated with PVC on all sides (except the ends). The PVC coating protects the composite from moisture (preventing mold and decomposition) and provides a scratch proof outer layer.  Its kinda like a skittle or M&M!  Hard candy coating on the outside...  There is a similar trex product, but it has a PVC coating only on the upper side of the deck board, which would make the underside susceptible to mold etc.  And, the trex ended up being more expensive.

A close up shot

View from the sliding glass door

Timber Tech Earthwood Evolutions Deck
color: Pacific Rosewood
Standard home-depot stock vinyl railing

The kitties were so excited to finally be able to use the back door
Meow.  Let me out.  Meow. Let me in.
All.  Day.  Long.
Once the deck was done, I realized how much I had missed having a useable outdoor space.  And back-door I could walk out of.  As soon as it was complete, we started hanging out outside way more often.  Morning coffee.  Evening dinner.  Drinking a beer.  Looking a stars....  And, yesterday we finally pulled the grill out of the garage so now we can cook here too!

If you have been holding off on building a deck or patio, i say do it now!  I'm so glad we didn't wait until we were "more settled" or "had enough money".  :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bedroom Blues

Dear blogger friends:

Please send me ambition and creativity.  We are halfway through FINALLY painting the master bedroom and I have just completely run out of steam.  Its like, the further I get, the longer the wall is... The only thing keeping me going is knowing that I can sit down with a beer, upload some pictures and show you all what we've done.