Thursday, December 15, 2011

Siding Defect - Delray Sand

Hi everybody!  We've been in our new home for over three months, and its flown by.  None of the painting, decorating and other projects that I was sure would be done by the new year have been done, but we did finally get the boxes out of the living and dining room.  Its still slowly starting to feel like our home.

There have been some minor issues with the house so far, and our PM has taken care of them right away.  Our garage sink was leaking - fixed (though it took 2 visits).  We had a hose bib that was leaking  - fixed.  One of the toilet handles isn't working properly - we are still working on that.  A couple problems with the drywall were fixed, a window was replaced (manufacturer defect), a couple floor creaks were fixed...  But overall, things have been working well and we have been impressed with the quality.

The most major thing so far is something we almost didn't report.  Months ago, my mother said to me "did you notice that your siding is two different colors?"  No.  I thought she was crazy.  I looked at the siding and never saw what she was talking about, until about a month ago when I drove home as the sun was shining directly on the side of the house.  Damn - the siding IS two different colors.

BF photoshopped this to pop the color difference.  Can you see it?

Its more difficult to see here - look at the window on the top right.

Bottom 3 rows...

Originally, it was only one spot that looked weird and BF debated about whether to report it at all.  I mean, its one of those things where you think your eyes might be doing tricks on you, but then we noticed it in other parts of the house.  But only when the sun shines on it from a certain direction.

Our PM said he had been waiting for a call - the manufacturer had called him to let them know they had a bad batch of siding in our color (delray sand) that went out - it didn't get the proper coating of sheen (or something like that), but they weren't sure who got it.  Yup.  That would be us.

The sheen defect would explain why the different color panels look "duller" than the rest.

The manufacturer rep came out one day to see where the bad patches are.  They have promised to inspect each piece of siding and replace any that do not meet their standards.  I have every confidence that they will.  Our PM wants to make it right for us too.

While its been kind of a pain in the ass to have to deal with this rather weird and unexpected problem, our PM and manufacturer seem to be doing everything they can to make it right.  Can't really ask for more than that.

There may be other boxes of bad siding that got shipped out, so if you have Delray Sand siding that was put on in July/August of this year, check out your sheen carefully to make sure its ok.

I hope all my blogger friends are doing well - post some pictures.  I am in decorating and painting limbo and need some inspiration!


  1. Oh my!! It is two different colors! CRAZY!!! I'm so glad they are going to fix it. =)

  2. OMG!!! and I hate that saying, but I can't believe my eyes. I'm so glad that the PM and manufacture is taking care of the issue.

    Do they know when it will be fixed?

  3. Hey HW! Its taking a little longer to be fixed than I had anticipated. Our PM is pushing it, but there is some issue between the manufacturer and the installers. I will be sure to update when things get moving. Luckily it is an entirely asthetic issue, and since its dark so early, I never see the outside of the house in the daylight anyway. :)

  4. Sounds like you had lots of house issues. Well, I think it comes with the territory for house owners. But thank goodness you recalled your mother’s observation with your sidings! At first glance, you will not notice the difference. But with a closer look, the colors are totally different. Were you able to replace it! I hope that you did! Replacing them will give the exterior look a sense of unity, in terms of color.

    Becky Steele

  5. This post makes me thing of the saying, “Mothers know best.” Good thing your Mom was observant and spotted that right away. And you’re quite fortunate to have a good PM, and it’s also great that the manufacturer is doing everything to correct the situation. Anyway, it’s been more than a year already. I assume they finally replaced the defective siding parts? -Francisco Close