Monday, January 2, 2012

Two rooms down, 10 more to go...

I painted!

Yup, I finally broke down and got some paint on the walls!  A friend came over to help get me (push me?) over the hump and it was a ginormous help.  With her coaxing, I chose SW Blonde to paint in the entrance hallway.  A few weeks later, I worked up the nerve to tackle the morning room, which I painted SW Bamboo Shoot.

SW Blonde in entrance.  Its really tough to get a good picture of this room
because it never gets much natural light.  I really like the color, which
is a nice warm yellow/brown.

It looks a bit different at night with the fluorescent lights

Showing off my excellent cutting-in job, not so easy with
that angled ceiling above the door
SW Bamboo Shoot.  I LOVE how it turned out.
The 12' ceiling was NOT easy to paint

You can see we also got blinds!  We ordered them custom cut from and were very pleased with their service, prices and shipping.  All nine windows in the morning/family room are the same color, Cherry.  Select Blinds cuts them to width and length - the windows are a standard size, but having them cut to the correct length saves a lot of time.  When you buy blinds off the shelf, you have to take the bottom apart and pull the extra slats off - an endeavor that requires a large lot of patience, and in my experience, a stiff drink (or two).  These blinds were comparably priced to ones you can buy off the shelf at big box retailers.

The next big project will be figuring out a color for the family room/kitchen that coordinates with Bamboo Shoot and Blonde, doesn't clash with the new couch, and looks good with the floor, cabinets and countertops.  No problem, right?


  1. Congrats on getting the motivation and nerve to paint. We are planning to wait till after the 10 month drywall inspection but I must say that with drywall installation with all screws we have not had any nail pop problems. Couple of settling seam cracks and loose tape but those have all been fixed already. Waiting the 10 months will give our pocket book a chance to cool off. Your colors look fantastic!!!

  2. WOW!! You go! I LOVE your morning room color....looks so relaxing. I so badly want to paint but I think we are also going to wait until after our 1o month drywall inspection. I've noticed most recently quite a few cracks at the seems and corners and a few nail pops starting to show. You've given me some inspiration though!! looks great!!

  3. BD & A&J: I just couldn't live with the white walls any more. I felt like I was in an asylum. I know I'm taking a chance - I actually painted over a bad taping job in the foyer - I was 3/4 of the way in before I noticed the problem. I suspect I will have to re-do that corner eventually. So far, I haven't noticed any nail pops at all in the house, except for one spot in ceiling in the family room. cross fingers there won't be any more!

  4. Love the colors!! I was hoping to wait until after the 10 month, but I don't think it will be much longer until we paint. About the blinds... love them! We're looking at select blinds also, they have such good prices, only problem is having to install them all!

  5. We got our blinds from Budget Blinds....installation glad for that with 51 blinds to put up!!!

  6. Looks great! It's amazing how a little paint really personalizes a home. I absolutely LOVE the Bamboo Shoot color!

  7. I like the foyer color. It's funny you said you felt like you were in an "asylum". That's the term I use for any room painted in's "asylum white".
    I have painted a lot of rooms in my life and hoping my wife will stay happy with the Ryan painted house in "whole wheat".
    For color ideas, check out "Better Homes and Gardens". They always have a page with several complimenting colors that gives me great ideas.

  8. Want to come paint my house next? Think about it and let me know. You still have to the end of May to decided (our 10 month). lol

    Looks great hon!

  9. Hey Ranter! The color in the foyer is so nice and warm and i like the clinds and color in the morning room. I want to paint too, but their is always 10 other things to do. I saw your other post about the newness wearing off. Everything still looks good, but that new feeling is starting to fade. Going from our 1300 sft town home to 4500 sqft is a KILLER when it comes to cleaning. The hard wood wears me out. I hope you get some advice for a better hardwood cleaner/shine. I only have my dog and husband and we do enough damage, I couldnt imagine having kids there everyday lol...

    We have a few seals that need to be re-sealed on the island and around the tub and places like that, but surprisingly no nail pops.

    We also had a small issue with the drywall and taping in the bathroom, but the PM came and checked it out and it is as good as new! :)

    Anywho, I love everything and its good seeing all of the "old gang" on here.

    Take Care


  10. Hey, Ranter! Love the Bamboo Shoot. I'm looking at pale greens and tans myself, even though we aren't even at the pre-drywall stage yet. We are building an Esquire. Haven't seen anything in the blogs about an Esquire, and our PM said he hadn't built one in 10 years. They weren't offering it in our community but we were looking for something with a first floor master since our kids are grown and gone.

    I have a general question about the master bath. We went with the optional master bath layout so that we could have a separate tub and shower. Now I'm thinking that the tub platform is just drywall, and it was a separate option to have the platform tiled -- is that correct? Too late to do anything about it now since we are well into construction. That's disappointing. I guess we'll have to figure out how to tile it ourselves when we do the floor. We just got resilient flooring in the bathrooms so we could select our own tile.

    Congratulations on your house -- it is beautiful. I wish I had found your blog before we signed on the dotted line. There is so much good advice to be found here.

  11. Hi Esquire: I've been reading all the blogs for over a year now, and I haven't seen anyone building an esquire either! Good luck!

    In our master, the tub is completely tiled. The tub itself was installed into a frame - then tiled. So, the tile floor continues up the side of the tub - the walls behind the tub are also tiled. I'm sure i have pix somewhere on the blog of the finished product.

    Never hesitate to ask your pm these questions, and ask for it to be done the way you want it done. We got lots of small customs as a result of requests I didn't originally even want to ask about because i was sure the answer would be no. And it was almost never no.