Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bringing Back the Hip

I had arthroscopic hip surgery on Monday to repair a tear in my hip joint.  I've had pain for about a year and a half and finally got up enough gumption to do it.  I'm recovering well, but could be on crutches for up to a month, and definitely reduced activity for several months before I can get back to kayaking.  Or climbing ladders to paint 9' ceilings.

I'll be home from work for 2 weeks; mostly on the couch hanging out with the tv and bonding with the house.  It should give me a lot of time to figure out paint colors (ha! yeah right!) and living room configurations and decorations. Right now, its giving me a lot of time to appreciate the house.

I have a straight shot from the couch to the powder room, with enough length to get up speed and practice my crutch style.  In my old house, I would have had to make 3-4 tight turns to get into the bathroom.

I still haven't quite figured out how to feed myself, but the kitchen is going to be seriously helpful.  I can open the fridge and put food directly on the counter, lean on the crutch and do what I need to do, then put it back.  I can slide it down to the end, then sit at the bar stool and enjoy.  I think I can probably cook this way too, but haven't tried it yet.

I can easily get to all the windows and open or close the blinds, and sturdy handrails on both sides of the steps at top and bottom to help with the transition from steps back to crutches.

I'm grateful that I have such a nice, well laid out place to recover.  And lots of blogs to read to alleviate my boredom!


  1. Oh hon! Please take it easy!! Don't over-do it! You want to heal quickly, and efficiently. Right?

    It is nice that our homes are so roomy. Especially the kitchens! It does make it easy to get around, even with crutches.

    Please take care of yourself. If we lived closer, I could help out.

    Enjoy this time and rest! And feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Noey! After a week stuck in the house, I was finally able to get outside and go somewhere today! Now I am back home, appreciating the couch. I love that I can sit here and see the birds fly by the "optional" windows all day long.