Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Siding Update

I'm coming to you, live from my front porch, in 65 degree weather, leg elevated, crutches standing by, trying to decipher the spanish of the men working on the siding.

So, far, I know they are counting to five.  My limited spanish prevents me from knowing what else they are talking about.

You may remember that a month or so ago, I posted pictures of our siding - Delray Sand - that was drastically different colors.   After a month or so of wrangling with the manufacturer and the contractor, our PM finally got the crew out to fix the bad pieces.

They ended up replacing ALL the siding on 3 sides of the house.  Interestingly, the hammering on the house made a bunch of electrical plugs pop right out of the wall, and we had little bits of sawdust under each outlet.  If you ever have siding replaced, then notice your cable or internet is out, you might want to check to make sure its still plugged in.  :)

But, it wasn't over there!  A couple days ago, we came home and the sun was shining at just the right angle and there it was!  More bad pieces!

They are fixing the worst of them now, but the other color variations that we have seen may not be fixable. Something about the way they spray the sheen on the product can make it appear  a slightly different color in different lights.  And we are the lucky ones whose house is in the exact right position at 3pm to make those color differences pop.

The good thing is our PM is doing everything he can to make us happy.  The bad thing is that we may have to live with the variations.  The good/bad thing is that one day, the siding will be covered in that green mossy stuff and it won't be noticeable anymore.

I'll post some pictures later if I can find some.


  1. oh no!

    I remember those pictures. I can't believe it's still that way. Ryan needs to discontinue that color siding and offer anyone unhappy with it a chance to change the color.

    Good Luck hon. Keep us posted.

  2. If these guys would just replace the affected siding with the same color as the others, they wouldn't need to spend any more effort on changing all of the three sides. But I guess this time it would be resolved and the sidings would be just fine.

    Mary Martin