Sunday, May 22, 2011

Contract Signed

Its done!  The contract is signed, the check was handed over, and the sold sticker got put on the plot plan.

(I don't know why we didn't get a star.  I want a STAR!)

We were in the model home signing paperwork and asking questions for nearly 3 hours.  THREE HOURS.  We went over some of our choices again and stuck with most of what we had chosen originally.  As soon as I remember what they were, I'll list them.  :)

Something we are still thinking about is the recessed lighting in the kitchen.  We haven't added it yet, but our sales rep showed us what comes standard for lighting in the kitchen and it looks like it might not be all that useful, or pleasant to look at.  Anyone have any opinions on recessed lighting v. regular?

So, even after 3 hours, we aren't done yet.  We do have to set up the standard appointments with Guardian and the flooring company, but in addition, there were questions about the County disclosure form, which had changed since the last time she signed a contract.  There was a new question, and not one of us could figure out what it meant.  Once we figure it out, we'll drop off that section back to her and we'll be on our way.  I was a little disappointed that we weren't able to complete the entire process yesterday, but would rather fully understand what we are signing than rush into it.

We also didn't pick our siding and shutter colors yet.  More to come on that.  I'll need some help from the blogger world, I think....

We had made reservations at a nice restaurant to celebrate the signing of our contract, but it didn't happen.  When we came home, I took a 3 hour nap and woke up just completely drained.  Its been a hell of a week at work, at school and with the house and I was just emotionally spent.  We went out for ice cream instead.


  1. I'm definitely glad we upgraded to recessed lighting in the kitchen. Another change we made was relocating the fixture in the dinette (which is a hanging fixture I believe) into the dining room. We made the dinette light recessed as well. it opened up the room so we would have a direct view into the living room and TV without that hanging light in our view. The dining room for us would have just been a rough-in so relocating the light saved us from having to install a light and Ryan didn't charge us any extra (just the cost of a recessed light in the dinette) to move the light

  2. If you have enough natural light (via windows and/or the morning room being btwn the kitchen and the den) then recessed lighting is a good way to go.

    In our model (milan) the morning room is at the end of the kitchen, at the end of the house, behind the wall with stove (no open bar there). When we toured the model, it had recessed lighting and was bit too dark for me. I want BRIGHT!! So we went with the standard florescent lighting.

    But like I said, in most models the M.R. is btwn the two rooms more in the middle of the home. And it has a bar opening it up to the kitchen area, letting in more light, instead of a solid wall. I have seen several models with way with the recessed lighting and it's very nice!!!

  3. We got recess lights in the kitchen and standard lights elsewhere. We figured we want the kitchen to look more nicer since most of the time we hang out in the kitchen cooking and hanging out with family besides the family room.

    It took us 3 hours to sign the paperwork too it took forever. But after when all is said and done we were relieved. What colors are you thinking about?

  4. The standard kitchen lights are IMO one of the worst standard fixtures that I have ever seen. It was a no brainer for us.

    Also do all the 1st floor ceiling electrical stuff you want or think you want because it will be a major PITA to do it later.

  5. Yes I agree with Nky. The reccessed lights in the kitchen look very nice. We got that option too and standard everywhere else with fan rough in's in every room including the patio (its are a must!)

    And shes also right about the wiring in the first floor. Make sure you really get everything you want because its alot harder to do it after the fact...same with the cable/tv/internet wiring. The first floor is always tougher after.

  6. Agree with NkyRavenna and New Build Noob...we opted for the recessed lighting in the kitchen...we also added the under cabinet lights, but that's really just for looks. We have 2 windows in the corner of the kitchen, plus we got the optional windows in the morning room which means it is almost all windows, plus we selected our lot so that we would get the early morning sun in thru the back of our house...we should have plenty of light.

    Regarding the all the wiring you can possible do...even if it is just pre-wire. I have seen some just run tubes through the walls so that they can run wires for TVs and such later...