Sunday, May 29, 2011

NVR Mortgage App and some other stuff

We had to go back to the model house to sign more paperwork this week.  We didn't finish signing the disclosure forms on the first round, because there was some questions that our sales rep couldn't answer so we knew we had to go back.  Turns out, she also forgot to have us initial several other pages of stuff.  Sort of annoying, but no big deal.

The visit back to the model allowed us to ask more questions and take a closer look at some options.  We added the recessed lighting in the kitchen.  I'm still ambivalent about it, but BF really wanted it.  We did a quick calculation in our heads and decided that it would likely cost more than 500 bucks to do it ourselves later.  

I also looked at the siding colors again.  No revelations there.  Still thinking and wondering.  We did, however, go back to the lot and take a look at the houses around it.  The other side of the street was developed in 90's; the one next to it was developed by a custom builder several years ago that then went belly up (hence Ryan Homes taking over).  Lots of tan, light yellow and taupe.  Guess we will fit in just fine.  :)

The biggest thing that happened this week was that we sent the mortgage application in.  BF had already sent Mark, the broker, all of our account info so he could fill in the blanks.   The application was fedex'ed to us after he filled in the blanks.

I felt a little weird about filling out the application without being able to ask questions on the fly to the broker.  We are really smart, but I don't understand things like origination fees and how they get their discount rates.  The last time I filled out a mortgage app, I sat at the dude's desk and we went over it line by line.  I didn't particularly like doing it at my kitchen table.

Because we were filling it out on our own, I took a really close look at everything and re-did calculations that he had done.  I also found out that he had screwed up our account info.  Some accounts that were mine were listed on BF's page, as was my mortgage.  It honestly, was just a sloppy job.  So between that and some calculation problems, we called the guy.

He called us back at 8pm, and went over all of our questions.  We fixed the errors, initialed them, and sent it back in.  He explained the discount points  (I'm still hazy on that) and some other things.  My advice to you:  ASK ABOUT EVERYTHING and whether there is a cheaper option.  Title insurance is one - they set you up with a premium package - you can get that cost reduced by 20% or more, depending on which state you are in.  I think there is still some room to bargain a bit, so don't be afraid to ask some tough questions.

Next step:  Flooring appointment on Tuesday!


  1. You will have fun at your flooring appointment. You may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options. Take your time and do not rush through it. Your cabinet choices will be there so it makes it easier to visualize what colors will look good in your house.

    I hated signing the paperwork and making sure nothing was missed and no loopholes. I was so relieved when the paperwork was all done!

    You will have fun with the flooring department. Enjoy it.

  2. oh I think I've initialed and signed in over 100 places so far. Anytime there is a change, you have to sign and date, and then anytime they have to cross something out, you need to initial or sign. SO much paperwork!!

  3. With all the changes we might try to make, there is sure to be a LOT more paperwork coming up! Excited and nervous about the flooring appointment....