Monday, May 16, 2011

I'll take what's behind lot #1 please

Lot # 1 is officially on hold for us.

We called Jennifer, our sales rep, this weekend to discuss what was going on with lot 4 (the wooded one) and lot 1.  Lot 4 was still potentially under contract, so we told her to put a hold on #1 for us.  We want to be fully informed as we move forward, so we had her print out a copy of the contract so we could read it at home, and so our lawyer could take a look at it.

Yes, we know its a standard contract.  But its written to cover Ryan Homes' and the developer's asses; not ours.  I know that thousands of people sign them each year, but we are risk adverse and I want to understand everything I'm getting into before signing it, and forking over a ton of cash.

Dropping by to pick up the contract also gave us a chance to see the house again.  Each time I see the house I'm reassured that it feels like the right choice.  It is a bit big, but every time I see it, it almost seems smaller!  I'm just trying to justify it in my head, I guess.  We were seriously looking at the Venice model too, but the Ravenna is going to work so much better for us.

I got to take my mom over to the lot yesterday to show her where it was and the other lots we were looking at.  I'm 35 years old and my very own person, but its still nice to have mom say I'm making a good choice.  She even took a video of the lot.  Yes, that's right.  A video.  It has no people, just a panorama of the front yard and the street and the stormwater pond.  Moms are silly like that.  Maybe if you are lucky, I will figure out how to post it here!


  1. I understand the mom thing TOTALLY!! =) I had told my sister (back in March) we were waiting to get the pre-approval and then I'd take our mom to see the house. She agreed it was good idea. But then she took my mom to see the model a week or 2 later, without me. >=/

    It's nice to share this experience with them. =)

    I think you're being smart with having your attorney look over the contract. I don't really know if Ryan would change anything in it, but like you said, it's good to know what you are getting into. =)

    Jennifer knows your interested in lot 4, but I think putting the hold on lot 1 was a good move. You listed before, a lot reasons it was a good fit. If 4 doesn't work out, then you have a good lot. And if 4 becomes available again, you can change if you want. =)

    Congrats on making a lot decision! lol I know it wasn't easy. Let the process begin! (or

  2. Now the fun continue! House building process is a fun journey but at times it can frustrate you to no end but it is worth it and enjoy the ride! Congrats on picking the lot. You are going to love love your new house when it is all done. :)