Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flooring Meeting - Creative Flooring

Tonight, we had our flooring meeting.  I was expecting it to take a couple hours, since somewhere in the blogger world, I read that it takes a couple hours.

This, though, did not take nearly that long.

We were the last appointment of the day, and the sales guy was definitely rushed.  I felt like I couldn't really ask many questions, and I actually had a lot.  Like, "do we HAVE to stick to the Ryan selections, or can we go custom?"  I'd really like to explore a more environmentally friendly flooring option, like bamboo, but I didn't feel like I could ask about it because the dude was in such a rush.  Oh, and it was a bazillion degrees out, and the flooring place's air conditioner had blown.  So, he was hot, irritated AND in a rush.  Not the time to ask about custom options.

They had one mistake on the order form - we are putting vinyl in the downstairs "office" to turn it into a cat-mudroom.  They had it listed as standard carpet.  No biggie, but I wonder how things get lost in translation so easily.

The cat-mudroom is the only area in the downstairs that will have anything but hardwood.  So, the biggest decision was really, what wood color are we getting?

We didn't ask about any upgrades, or the wider planks, and now I wish we had.  I'm sure it would have been too expensive, but it would have been nice to price it out.

So, we picked the base level hardwood.  At the model house, we had liked the "gunstock" color, but the showroom had a bigger sample of it, and we didn't like it as much.  We ended up going for cherry.  I'm a bit skeptical of the cherry, but I'm sure any color will look nice (that's what I'm going to repeat to myself over and over and over, at any rate).  Our cabinets (until we change our minds) are the maple cognac (?) ones.  So, here is what it will look like:

The floor looks a little less red in the picture, and its a wider plank than we would have, but you get the idea.  The hardest thing for me was figuring out how the wood would look with the cabinets.  That's a LOT of wood in one place.

Once we had the hardwood picked out, it went really fast.  BF deferred to me on most things (not worth the discussion?) but we did debate the carpet quite a bit.  I like a light carpet.  He likes a darker one.  I think we compromised:

The color looks different in the picture, but you get the idea.  Its beige.  One of the 200 different colors of beige they had for us to choose from (just like the siding!).  In case you are super curious, here is the back of the carpet sample:

Its a Shaw.  Color is "custard".  Upgrade C.  Some sort of warranty; don't remember what.  Note the significant difference in footwear between me modeling the carpet, and the carpet model.  :)  I think this means the carpet will last a long, long time....

Now back to vinyl.  There were only 5 or 6 types of basic vinyl to choose from, so that was quite easy.  We choose one with a large tile look for the cat-mudroom, and one with a smaller tile look for the upstairs bathroom and laundry.

And finally, the bath.  They had 9 variations on upgrade C to choose from.  I don't even know how we arrived at that particular level of upgrade, but so be it.  That's what we got, and here's what we choose:

I have no idea what its called.  I definitely like it, but wonder already how I'm going to clean those little tiles.  You can't tell from the picture, but they vary in their depth.  Its probably a soap scum nightmare waiting to happen.  But its pretty, at any rate.

BF is thinking that he likes the darker cabinets now, so we may have to go back to the model and re-think.  I want him to LOVE the kitchen cabinets, so that he will want to spend lots of time in the kitchen he picked out, cooking up gourmet meals for his woman.  :)

Its starting to get more and more real....


  1. If you aren't sure about your selections you should go back...you are paying a lot of money for your nice new home and you should NEVER EVER feel rushed or unsure about a selection or decision. Tell your sales rep about how you are feeling...their response should be "make another appointment and go back and make sure". We were unsure about going with the standard hard wood floor plank size...we made an appointment and went back to look at both again. Our flooring rep was great...even went so far as to tell us that they have to be very careful with the humidity level in the house when installing the wide planks.

    As for the Listello tiles(little trim pieces)...I have been worrying about how easy they will be to clean...the good thing is they should be up high enough to not get in the way of all that nasty stuff. Guess we will all find out together how easy or hard they are to clean.

    As for the name of your tile...if you zoom in on your picture you can see the name...it is the same as we are getting in our first floor bathroom...great selection. Also, did you know that you can mix and match the trims with the tiles...thats what we did for our master bath.

    Feel free to change your mind as many times as you want...that is until you are inside your build window and then still feel free to change your mind...just know that it won't be free :)

  2. I agree with BD. YOU are paying for this house and YOU have to LOVE IT! If you felt rushed, you should have told the sales agent right then and there to make another appoint for you guys to come back and review. They get paid to make YOU the customer happy with the selections you put in your home.

    I myself love the selections you've chosen...especially the bathroom tile, it’s gorgeous. We also have the stone trim in our master and have never thought about how to clean them. Now I’m sure I’ll drive myself crazy thinking about it…lol.

  3. Yes, make another appointment so you can be sure of your selections and have the wider plank priced out!! I don't know if they would let you do a custom bamboo floor, but that would be a question your sales rep could answer. We went with the wider plank because it looks less busy in bigger areas (fewer seams).

    The cabinet and flooring combination was also the hardest thing for me to picture. We have maple cognac cabinets in the kitchen and the manchester cherry floor. The floor is covered for protection but you can see some of it in our pictures. The flooring installed is darker than I remember it being.

  4. I think you made beautiful selections!! But PP are right. Go back!! Ask your questions. You don't want any regrets! Just tell them you aren't 100% on your choices and have a few questions. They should be accommodating.

    We did ask about custom options for flooring and such. We were told we had to go by the Ryan approved people. But any if we had anything custom we knew we wanted, we should just get the base level stuff and then upgrade later on our own.

    I really do love your selections!! I wanted those little square upgrade accents in our bathroom. DH said no b/c the model home was already missing some and it isn't very old. He didn't want that to happen to us. So instead we just have plain white 6x6 squares (it's what came with the house).

    I believe you have great taste and everything will look so pretty!! Congrats! And seriously, if you have doubts, go back! Keep us posted hon!

  5. I love your choices as well! I originally had maple cognac and gunstock, then switched to cherry bordeaux and saddle oak floor. That was my HARDEST decision....I still debate if I made the right choice! Sometimes I wish I git the cherry floor but my husband said it would be too dark in the kitchen! Good luck and make another appointment! We upgraded to wider planks and it was only a few hundred dollars!