Monday, May 23, 2011

Ryan Siding Selections

When we decided to drop the partial stone facade from the Ravenna, I knew my life was going to be difficult.

I've been making fun of new developments in my area for years and years and years.  "They are all BROWN!"  "Who wants to live in a brown vinyl box?"  Brown, tan, light tan, dark beige, light beige and white.  That's how they all look.  And you drive by, and think, "ick."

And when our sales rep showed me my vinyl siding choices, that's what I thought.  "Ick."

I'm really disappointed.  We have 7 choices for color: Brown, Tan, Light Tan, Dark Beige, Beige, White and Taupe.  I hate them all.  I wanted green.  Sage, Clover, Grass or something.  Or maybe yellow.  Hell, I would have considered purple (exaggeration).  But definitely not brown.

Then she pulled out the color scheme book, so we could see the shutter door combinations.  The problem though, was that she didn't have any of the shutter samples.  Just a piece of paper with the colors; and we all know that the color on a piece of paper doesn't reflect reality.  How am I supposed to pick a color scheme when I can't see the actual products I'm choosing?

The BF doesn't much care what the outside of the house looks like; I think I care more about that than I care about the inside.  When I pull up to the house, I want it to scream "this is your house and I'm awesome.  And I'm green."  But clearly, that's not going to happen.

One of the things that got me even thinking about a Ryan home was when I saw the cottage elevations that were featured on some of the virtual tours.  I did lots of google image searches and found lots of colors, and schemes.  None of these are offered in my area and its just kind of disappointing.

Its making me rethink the stone - with stone, I wouldn't care as much about the rest of the house being beige.  But, its expensive, and probably wouldn't increase our resale value (not that I'm already thinking about selling).  And its not going to happen, so, I've got to put on my big girl pants and deal.

I've got to pick the colors by the time we sign the final papers after the mortgage approval.  So for now, I'm roaming around the area, taking pictures of houses I sorta like. I'm thinking that with taupe, green shutters might make the house look more green.  Anyone have a taupe house?  Or a taupe house across the street?

I can't believe I'm thinking about a taupe house.

Flooring appointment is next week.  Given my indecision on siding, that appointment should be great fun for everyone involved!


  1. I am sitting here laugh at the post because that is the same statement I made to our rep when we picked ours. We also dropped the stone because although it looks nice...I just couldn't see us paying an additional $9000 for it.

    We choose taupe with burgundy shutters. After they broke ground I was worried about how the house would look and I had been complaining about not getting the stone. But you know what...when they put our siding up I thought it was the most beautiful house on our block. Yes, the stone will give it a little more curb appeal but the house will still look amazing without it.

  2. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. Our RH sales rep. indicated that the color schemes are different for each development and that some boroughs, townships, etc. influence the choices. For instance, everyone in our development receives the carriage garage door, same lamp post, and same mailboxes...we have no say and if we want to change any of them we need to take it up with the HOA. This is all part of belonging to a plan/development. When we picked our exterior color schemes, we had several choices; however, we were not allowed to pick the same scheme as the house next or a crossed the street from our house. So the earlier you pick the better chance you will get what you want...that is why we didn't wait and we did get what we wanted.

    I'm sure you will love whatever you will pick...remember it more than a house; it's a home! It's not about the material things; it's what it is made of.

    Thanks for sharing and we look forward to following you through your journey.

  3. Our siding will be taupe. We will have a full brick front, black shutters, white trim, brick water tables on both sides. The rest of the house will be taupe. Your sales rep should be able to look in the computer and give you the address of other homes in the area that have the taupe. Thats what we did before we made our final selection. Look at it this way...Taupe is way more sexy sounding then tan!!!

  4. $9 grand Minaq!! Good Grief!! I guess it depends on your plan. Our cottage look with stone was $7600 (elevation L) which was only $300 more than Elevation C we wanted with half stone why not. *shrugs*

    RR, you could always get a quote later on to have some re-do the siding in the color you want. Just a thought. Once it's yours, it's yours. You can do whatever. You know?

    I'm sorry they didn't have the colors you wanted. I wish so bad you were here. We have TONS of colors, including yellow and green I think. At least that is what's in there now. *hugs* I say just do what you can live with most and then later on, you can change it.

    I know it's frustrating. And I understand wanting to see the actual colors on a house. I drove all around 2 towns trying to find the colors. We originally picked different colors but when I found the house, it was too dark for me. SO we changed them. I thought I was happy but couldn't be sure. Then I found one online with the colors and shew! I felt better. And I understand the headache a google search can be for colors on these house. I literally went to and started going through every development in every state until I found what I was looking for. Talk about time consuming! (sorry...but I HAD to be sure... you know?)
    *hugs* Minaq is right...once you pick one you think you can live with, you'll love it on YOUR house. GL hon.

    Oh, the flooring meeting was fun. I thought I'd never decided. But deciding on the colors was worse...much worse. This meeting is more fun than stressful. They are certified designers and won't let you make any hideous mistakes (not that you would!) Try to relax and enjoy it!

  5. Take a picture of the different samples next to the different colors and see which one you like the best then you go home and think on it some more. It also helps to drive around the development to get an idea of what colors you want. This should help some more with your decision making. You made me laugh when you mentioned purple on your post :)

  6. Stephanie: My current townhouse is a kinda hazy purple-grey. Its the only house in the neighborhood that color. I suspect that one person picked it and everyone else in the 800 house neighborhood said, "ICK!". I kinda like it though. I made all my neighbors paint their doors dark purple blue to match. I am VERY persuasive.

    Noey: I wish I lived down there too - my house would have been SOOOO much cheaper, and I could have had the cottage style. I know I can add or change things in the future, and I may choose to. Or, maybe instead of spending thousands on green vinyl, i'll go to italy and greece.

    HW - I wish we lived in a place with design standards, but they are pretty lax around here. Hence, beigeville.

    BD - Taupe IS sexy. Unless its with blue shutters, which is the house I saw today. Ick.

    And everyone - thanks for the words of advice and support. You are all going to be a big help to my sanity over the next 4 months!