Monday, July 11, 2011

Closing Estimate

We found out today that they are shooting for a closing date in early September.  

My heart stopped.

Early September?!?  Holy Crap.  I feel totally unprepared.  

So, the tight timeline spurred me into action and I called to make arrangements with a property management company to come over and check out my townhouse and get the ball rolling on renting it out. That means I have to clean it up a bit this week, because they guy is going to TAKE PICTURES.  Of my home!  Of my couches!  Of my yard!  Of my kitchen!  Of my sponge painting job!  Of my cat litter box!  (hopefully not that last one)

I've been here 12 years, so I've never gone through the process of selling (or renting) a house before.  He wants to be able to start walking people through in a couple weeks.  GULP.  Not sure I can handle that.  I know you have all done it, but with a space this small, its going to be tough to keep it tidy.  In good news though, the fact that he thinks he could have enough interested people in a couple weeks is a pretty good sign that my place won't be staying empty for very long.  

You know, I have been reading all of your stories about the process and getting ready, and it seemed so easy.  There's a post that you have to pack, and then, viola!  You've packed and moved!  There's a post that you've got two houses to sell, and viola!  You've sold them, and are walking away counting your cash.  I think the reality of those things might be just a wee bit more complicated!  


  1. How did you guys get your blog on the building with Ryan homes blog site?

  2. Oh you will be fine. We will be closing around the same time. We are supposed to close on 08/29; however, we have been told that they will probably need to move out that date because of our custom requests. We should have a better idea on the actual closing date after our pre-drywall meeting on Thursday!!!!

    We just received a call today, that someone wants to visit our house after 4 weeks of no visits. Needless to say, we have a lot to clean up before tomorrow at 6:30. At least we received some notice. ;)

    Before we put the house on the market, we declutter our house and move some of our stuff to a storage unit and some to a family member's garage (to save some $$$). Then we got a little creative...noone (typically) looks under the couches or beds; so we have bins full of stuff that (i.e. kid's toys, shoes, etc.) under the beds in every room and the cat's toys and some kid's toys are under the couches in the living room.

    Good luck and just stay focused...soon you will be moved into your beautiful big house. GL

  3. Wait...these blogs on the Ryan Homes websites? Are you serious Robert?!

    Honey...don't you worry. It'll come together! You'll see! GL!

  4. Robert: Are you asking how we all share other people's blogs on the side? For example, I've added yours to my blog list. Go to blog settings -> design -> add gadget, then search for blog list. This will allow you to add any blogs you want to your site as a reference for others (or for you!).

    Noey - these aren't on the ryan homes main site. But maybe they should be!!

    HW - thanks for the tips and encouragement. I know I can do it, but its WORK! :) And right now, I want to watch MasterChef, not organize the basement. Boo on clutter.

  5. It was a lot of work constantly keeping our house clean for showings. Thankfully ours sold quickly. We put a lot of non essential stuff in boxes in the garage. As for the packing, I wish it were easy...we close in 36 hours and I am only about 1/2 done. :) I am a master procrastinator! Good luck.

  6. Somehow someway it will all manage to get done. might think we have sold 2 houses but we haven't...we are currently putting some work into our existing house to get it ready to go on the purging and packing stuff into a storage unit...

  7. Becky....36 hours? Cutting it close! lol GL!

    Thanks for clarification RR!

  8. lol, we have found a Property Managment company that we really liked. This week she is doing a market anylasis so that we can know what is going on with rentals in our area and we are filling out the paperwork to get things rolling. We want to have the house listed by the weekend. :) We got ceiling eye sore fixed, refreshed the yard. I just need to do some cleaning and box up a few things, then I will be ready for all of you great renters who pay on time and love my house the way that I did! lol... I hope everything goes smoothly hun.

  9. Early september thats great shoot for my bday its on the 10th of Sept. That is a good date. :) Thats cool that the ryan homes blog our site. I got to check that out! :)