Saturday, July 9, 2011

The roofers are on fire!

Ok, well, they aren't really roofers, but I wanted a catchy blog post title because I wanted you to read this:

WE HAVE ROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I walked around in my house for the first time.  I got to see what the view through the windows looked like.  We met the neighbor, who has a snow blower, a tiller, and two lawn mowers.  All of which he offered up to us!  He's already the best neighbor ever.  We also took my mom to the model house for the first time so she could finally see what we've been talking about for so many months.

I wanted to post daily pictures, but had a really busy week.  I missed a couple days, and now, I've got a whole house!!  We went up this morning to check it out and met my mom there, then took her to the model house.  I hadn't seen it all week, and was pretty excited to see this.

Gradall delivering plywood
From the back, with another nice shot of the neighbors
awesome garden.
We ran some errands, and were close by around the end of the day, so I drove by again.  There had been workmen in the house before, and I wanted to stay out of their way, but really, really, really wanted to go in.  When we drove by again, this is what we saw:

Its a roof!  Its a whole house (except for that weird hole in the roof.
What is that?)
So, of course, I went in.

Living room, viewed from the family room


Living Room. 

Morning Room

 I was really excited to be able to see the place with windows, and see what our view will be.  I love that I will be able to sit on my sofa and look out the window and see trees from the living room.  The view from the morning room won't be quite as good, but we'll fix that pretty quickly.

Our rep said that once we are under roof, we can start looking at locking in.  So, I guess that's as of today!


  1. Oh my...I am have caught and passed us...not only don't we have a roof yet we don't have trusses yet.

    I am guessing the hole is there because they must have run out of the plywood.

    Everything looks fantastic...congrats on being under roof.

  2. HAHA!! I KNEW we would catch up with you BD! Mostly because our house is about half the size of yours. :) Plus with all those fancy upgrades you got, I think we are going to stay ahead of you. Unless of course, things like 5" of rain in 3 hours gets in the way.

    I'm really sad that I missed most of the framing though - i would have loved to be able to really watch them work the way you got to.

  3. Congrats's on your roof! It is so amazing what can get completed in a day. I used to be soooo amazed at how fast they built houses on Extreme Makeover; Home edition that comes on the Country Music Television Network where they pick needy families and like the whole community comes in and builds, landscape and decorate a gigantic house for the family, but from the looks of it a lot can be done in a day with just a few contractors and hard work.

  4. Chelly, it was a little like extreme makeover. There were only about 5 guys working today, and they finished the 2nd floor, and the roof. I was really amazed. Of course, all the pre-fab pieces don't hurt the process. They broke ground on 2 other homes in the neighborhood this week - in just a few weeks its going to be completely transformed.

  5. WOW!! That happened fast! Never ceases to amaze me! It's looking really good. I love it!

  6. LOL...they haven't even gotten to the "fancy" upgrades yet...

  7. No work at the house today BD, so if they were working at yours, you might stand a chance of getting back ahead of me.

    Can you tell I have a competitive streak?

  8. I can now tell you exactly what that little hole in your roof is for...we have one too and we watched them use it...they hand the roofing boards up thru that hole to the guys on the roof.

  9. Getting your roof done that fast is certainly a sign that the house will be finished soon and ripe for moving. I agree with Chelly! Having five people working and finishing the 2nd floor and the roof got me thinking that they’re just like the people from Extreme Makeover: Home edition! Well, good luck with the house. I’m sure you’ll be able to move in soon. When you do, keep us posted!

    @Rolf Matchen

  10. I just saw what this house looks like now from your other posts, and I must say I didn’t expect it to look that beautiful and magnificent. Isn’t it great when things are done your way? The color you chose for your roof is awesome by the way. It’s so nice to see your house when it was in progress before. =) I sure did see a lot of improvements.

    Noreen Saint

  11. Noreen is right! The improvements are surely striking; not only the roof but the house itself! It only shows your great dedication in taking good care of your sanctuary. Best regards! =)

    Brendan Gertner

  12. I checked out the finished product of this construction, and I think it looks amazing! The roof is particularly wide. Did you happen to ask a professional engineer regarding reinforcing the rafters to strengthen your roof? I hope they also added a bead of wood glue between the framing to increase your roof’s resistance to strong winds.

    William Gulliver