Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Congratulations, you are getting concrete!

I'm blogging to you from my back deck (a deck I will miss very much when we move) - its the first time in weeks that it has been cool enough to sit here and I am really enjoying it.  And hoping that my new back yard will make me forget about this tiny little yard and deck!

I had a bunch of updates to share with you this weekend, but now I've forgotten most of what I wanted to tell you!  While I think about it, here is a picture of House from this weekend:

Concrete porch poured, but otherwise doesn't look
much different from the outside

Back of house.  I was surprised at how little roof area there
is in the back.  I eventually may put up solar panels, so more
roof is better.  I guess its the garage that makes it look small

Things are progressing nicely.  This weekend we spotted some minor holes in the caulking/spray foam jobs and notified our PM.  He was on it immediately.  BF actually stopped by the house mid-afternoon and caught him there, so they were both able to walk through the house together (again) pointing out things that needed to be, or were going to be fixed.  I'm kinda jealous.  House is not anywhere near my daily commute, but BF drives by it 2x everyday.  Everything we have asked for, had concerns with or had questions about was immediately addressed by our PM.  He still continues to impress me and if he can keep this up, he is definitely getting all 10s.  Maybe 11s.

We had a surprise that makes me really, really, really happy.  We are getting a concrete driveway!!  YAY.  I despise asphalt for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because it just doesn't look as nice as concrete.  We were originally told that we would have a concrete sidewalk (good) and concrete "apron" (good) but that the remainder of the driveway would be asphalt (boo!) unless we upgraded (double boo!).  But we were keeping expenses down and BF liked asphalt better (something about melting snow and less shoveling).  Well, we found out this weekend that Ryan is going to be giving everyone a complete concrete driveway now.  YAY!  The story went something like this: "record plan yadda yadda, covenants, yada yada, confusion with the county, yadda yadda, free concrete!"  Sounds like Ryan did some cost calculations and figured that the extra cost of giving everyone concrete far outweighed the hassle of trying to figure out where the confusion was on the driveways with the county.  Good move Ryan.  I am with you 110%.  They poured the driveway on the first house to be completed last week and it looks really nice.  I think its really going to make the neighborhood look super spiffy.

We've heard that there is some maintenance on concrete.  PM told us that they would seal it prior to closing, but that we shouldn't put salt down to melt snow and that it should be sealed every once in a while.  Anyone have any info on this?  I did some googling but couldn't seem to find a really good resource on how to care for your brand new concrete driveway.

I hope we find out when they will pour it.  I really want to write our initials in it!  :)

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  1. Congrats on the Concrete, although I prefer blacktop. Yes I agree that the concrete looks nicer, but what a pain...especially if it is not installed correctly and it cracks and stuff grows in the expansion joints, and you have to use special stuff to melt the snow...I am glad our new house will have blacktop.

    Have driven by your home in quite a while...looks like it is coming along great.