Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly update, of sorts

Its been a really busy week - I've had meetings and events and appointments every day after work, so only got to see the house once mid-week, then again on friday.  Since I've last posted, we have windows, and doors, and tyvek and a roof, with shingles and everything!  The third house in the neighborhood was being framed today - it looks like it might be a venice, and another one looks ready to go once they are finished that one.  It is really happening quite fast.

Some pictures for you...

This is the access to the attic over the garage.  Apparently, they have changed the design
to close it off, and allow no access to this space.  I've emailed the PM asking if we can keep it.  If they have
to drywall over it, I'm going to drill it right back out.  Its silly to not have any access to the attic space there.

Pipes!  I think these are the pipes for the dual master bath sink

My big tub, sitting in the middle of the bathroom, like the honeymoon suite
in a really horrid roadside motel.  I hope it looks fancier after its surrounded by tile.
Kinda looks like a hunk of junk now, but I know that what all bath stuff looks like.

I don't even remember where this is - I think upstairs hallway

Piles of stuff, ready to be installed

Our stairs!  Finally, I was able to go upstairs.  We upgraded to the stained oak steps,
so the black stuff is there to protect them, which I sincerely appreciate.

More pipes.  

Ain't she cute?  I think I will call her House.
 We noticed on our first trip in that there were quite a few 2x4s that looked crappy.  Ragged edges, giant knots, weird knot/sap combos.   They were not painted or highlighted on my last trip, but I do remember from some of your experiences that PMs have in the past taken these bad boards out and replaced them.  We've asked about it, and I will push if I see a really nasty one in a support wall (if I knew which ones those were).

What else?  Um, they poured the garage too!  I think that's about it for now.  PM tells us that its HVAC, electric and plumbing for the next week, then our pre-construction meeting is Friday!

I'm headed out of town for a conference, and won't be coming back until late thursday, so a bunch is going to get done this week and I'm going to miss it <pouty face>.  Hopefully the booze cruise, hotel bed (why are the always SO much more comfy than mine?) and good company will console me.

I get a feeling that I will be sticking my iphone in people's faces all week, whether they like it or not.  "Check out my house!  Wanna see the virtual tour?"

I'll bet I make tons of friends that way.

See you all next week and good luck this week to everyone!


  1. Aw!! House is cute! I like her! =)

    It really is looking good! Try and have a good time! I'll miss you! I close on Friday, so I'll be out of commission for a short time after that moving and all. But I'll be back. I can't wait to see what has going to have happened to your house then!!!

    GL! Have fun! TTYS!!

  2. It's really moving right along...looks like all the drain work has been done for your plumbing already, which definitely puts you ahead of us.

  3. Our attic access to the garage truss space is in the garage ceiling vs the access panel listed in the floor plan.