Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today was the first day back at work after a week off.  It was not a very productive day.  :)

Not a long a production has been happening at Lot 1 either.  Waterproofing junk went up last week and there were some inspections.  So, we didn't miss much while we were in the mountains.  Everything seems to be on track for framing to begin Thursday or Friday.  Wood is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

Side of house looking toward backyard
Family room and morning room wall with waterproofing junk
In the way background on the right of the morning room, you can see
a Ravenna that just got its siding.   We will be the 2nd Ryan home in the community
We asked our PM for an update this morning, and he got back to us pretty quickly, but didn't have a lot of detail.  I get the feeling that this guy is a just the facts kind of person, which is fine, but sometimes I like details.  

In other news, I had requested a couple additions at our pre-construction meeting: A second window in the back bedroom (its the only room in the whole house with only one window and its a little dark), a railing on the front porch, and a carriage style garage door (like Noey's!).  

Our sales rep said the garage door couldn't be done at this late date (although, i did ask about it early on in the process and it just got kinda dropped).  Apparently, the style of garage door was approved by the County and to change it would require going back with a new design to re-do the permit, which is costly and time consuming - and all items have to be ordered like yesterday.  Its amazing really - I want something that is nicer and more attractive and can't have it.  Ditto on the front porch - I didn't specifically hear the county argument, but was quoted a price of $2400.  For a RAILING.  No thanks.  We'll do it ourselves later with the deck contractor.  

And finally, she never got back to me on the price of adding a window, but again with the county argument, and some engineering thing.  I dropped it - it sounds like it would be more hassle than its worth, and really expensive to boot.  I'll just let BF have that room for his office, and I'll take one with more windows.

(Did I mention we will each have our own personal room?  I know, I'm very spoiled.  I can't wait to design my little retreat.)

I've been a little disappointed with the sales rep's performance on custom requests - it just seemed as if she tried to steer us away from them on our original request, then to get prices and info, we'd have to remind her.  Sometimes more than once - its gotten worse since we actually signed the contract.  Its like once she had us locked in, she had less incentive to keep us happy.  She also got more busy, since 10 more people signed contracts right after we did.  I understand why this might be the case, but its still a bit annoying.

Hopefully, pictures of wood tomorrow!


  1. I hear you on the custom requests. Ive asked for small things from the get go and have gotten a no on basicly everything. Its very frustrating. At least go check and come back with a ridiculous quote...at least then I know you bothered, rather than NO right up front!

  2. I'm sorry your Rep fell short. =(

    I do love our Rep, and I don't feel she fell short, but that with the neighborhood being so new, all the info may not have been what she said or hoped it would it be. Then she too got crazy busy. They now have to have 2 Reps here. (and yet somehow, no one is in the office/model until Thursday). Our Rep was just slow at returning emails. But has gotten a lot better!! =) We do love her!

    I can't believe you get your own room! That is awesome! You go girl!

    *cat whistles* That is some mighty fine weather proofing you have going on there! lol You'll be framed in no time! =) Can't wait to see those pics!

    I bet you'll have great wood! ;)

  3. Everything is looking good so far! I'm sorry to hear about the vagueness of your PM and the lack of interest of your PM. I am sure they are just a little overwhelmed with all of the other recent sales...hopefully they can get back on track and things will calm down soon and you guys can get some attention to some of your special requests.

    Our sales rep seemed a little reluctant to address our, but with a little nudging (emails and calls) she seemed to come around and make things happen.

    Can't wait to see your wood tomorrow and I think thats cool that everyone will have their own little retreat! :)

  4. I just don't get this whole lack of interest in custom requests. Our folder is so thick with change orders that we were joking that our sales rep was going to have to start a new folder for us. As I have posted before, our rep has submitted each and every custom request, and gotten back with pricing usually within a week.

    I just counted...we have changed/added 55 items since we signed our contract back in December and the last change(pretty signifcant) was made after we broke ground.

    I really don't get them not submitting the change request. The sales rep has the least amount of work to do...they fill out the request and submit it...they get a price back or a NO...then present it to you and if you agree they fill out a change order which is easy to do. Pretty sure that each change results in more profit for Ryan Homes, so I just don't get them not putting the request through.

  5. I agree with BD! Mine went above and beyond! I have soooo many change orders and custom requests. They didn't deny anything I asked for either. From ramps to the 3 foot extension on garage, to non standard bath on 1st floor and laundry on 2nd! My rep was wonderful! I wish they were all that good! I think all RH should do the same for everyone!

  6. I agree with BD.

    I understand that after a certain point in the process (once it's all been ordered) it may be a "no". Put up until then, why not try?

  7. From my experience, anything "custom" or out of the ordinary is really expensive. Contract it out or do it yourself later and save a lot of money.

  8. Thanks for your comments ya'll. I think the problem is on both ends. I KNOW the upgrades and customs are expensive, which is why I'm hesitant to even ask in the first place. When we have asked the rep to go ahead and put a request through, she has done so. But often I've felt like she had tried to dissuade us from considering one thing or another. She certainly hasn't jumped up and cheered "what a great idea! I'll put that request right in for you" which is probably what I need in order to even consier the extra expense.

    The estimates we have gotten have usually taken 2 weeks or more to come back. She sends them to "costing" and says they only look at new requests on certain days of the month.

    In addition, what few change orders we have signed, we've had to re-do! We are on our third time signing the same change order because of a typo or missing piece of info or another. Its becoming difficult to track.

    Right now, the change orders are the standard ones for flooring, a change in cabinets, extra outlets, and putting the launry tub in the garage. That's the one that we've had to sign three times...

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