Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy week

"They might break ground next week."

Excuse me, WHAT?!   I nearly lost my lunch.

Our sales rep was trying to schedule our pre-construction meeting for next week, but we ran into issues with her schedule, my schedule and the PM's vacation schedule.  So, she wanted to move it up to this week, BEFORE we had completed all of our selections.  I was very confused about all of this, because I thought the point of the pre-construction meeting was to review all of the selections, make sure they were correct and get ready to go.

Then she wants to meet BEFORE the final selections are made, and potentially AFTER they break ground.  My head was spinning.  What?

I put the brakes on.  We are meeting with Guardian on Friday, and the flooring place again on Thursday.  We still haven't picked countertop colors, or siding colors and are still working out some minor things (like can we put the utility sink in the garage?).  I don't feel ready for our final pre-construction meeting.  So we've moved it to two weeks from now.

But, they still could break ground next week.  Holy shit!!  I swear, the deposit check just cleared!

The sales rep told us that if they do break ground next week, the PM will give us a call to review some basic stuff to make sure they have the structural things right (yes, put the front porch on.  Yes, put the morning room on.  No, no bonus room.  Etc).

It seems to be moving really fast, and really pushing my comfort level (it doesn't take much).  I hope I can keep my wits about me later this week for the second floor appointment!


  1. Does the Rep NEED to be there? Our Rep tried to sit in on the pre-con meeting, but someone showed up at the model and she missed the whole thing.

    How can they break ground without the final options picked? That would bother me too. In my mind it leaves the door open for mistakes later. I don't know, maybe that's pessimistic.

    GL with ALL of it...the ground breaking (maybe we should pray for rain?) and the flooring meeting. Let us know how it all goes.

    Oh... and you can always ask the flooring rep about the flooring colors. Get their input too.

    GL!! Keep us posted on it all!

  2. You should be okay to break ground as long as all your structure decisions have been made...morning room yes or no is certainly one of those...not sure the porch decision matters for breaking ground.

    Can I just say I am jealous. We have been in a holding pattern since December and it looks like we may not break ground on Wednesday...sounds like it will be another week :(

  3. BD is right. They like *like* to have everything all laid out and decisions made prior to ground break. But if you know structuraly, exactly what you want it shouldnt be a problem. Cabinets, counters, flooring...etc... can all come soon after.

    BUT if YOU don't feel comfortable and your not in a rush to get into it then I say by all means put the brakes on. This is your house and your money...You should do it at your comfort pace (as much as you can). You don't want to say "OK break ground...then decide crap I wish I got the bonus room" or you know what I mean. If you feel your not completely satisfied with the structural aspect so far...let them know.
    I put in about 75 DOZEN change orders before I finaly felt like I am done and this is what I want. And believe me...there were a few times I thought I was done then woke up the next morning and changed everything again. The only reason I know Im done now is because it has been over 3 days and no mind changing ;-)

    Good luck hun and keep us posted! I wish I was breaking ground next week too. I hope the intrest rates stay this low by the time we are ready to lock in

  4. I agree with Noob if you are not comfortable and feel like you are rushing in then take your time. You can have all the selections picked out first then when you are ready then you can give them the go ahead to break ground.

    This is your house! Do it as you want and as you wish but it is exciting that they want to start building asap. That aspect is good. :) Exciting stuff.