Monday, June 6, 2011

Flooring Question for my Blogging friends

We've been debating dark floor vs. lighter floor.  We chose the Manchester cherry at the first flooring appointment - since then, we've heard some negative reviews about dark floors in general.  Like, they show every spec of dirt, dust and cat hair.  I have tan bamboo floors now, and I think they show everything, but apparently I haven't seen anything yet.  I was hoping that in a bigger house, the dirt would have more room to spread out, so it would be less noticeable.  That might just be wishful thinking!

Anyone have any advice or experience with dark wood floors?


  1. well, if the hairs are dark I wouldn't think it would show as bad as lighter cat hairs and vica versa... but then I have no clue. I thought your floors should compliment your cabinets (you don't want dark cabinets in the kitchen and light wood flooring kinda thing)and banisters. *shrugs*

    Hope someone else is more helpful!

  2. Pick the hardwood floors that you love and then shop at Costco for swiffers...they work great on hardwood floors.

  3. Yup ..again...I agree with BD. Dont worry about the dirt and fur. That is easly remedied....where as floors that you dont absolutly love cant be fixed so easily.

  4. Somehow my typing and sleepy brain did NOT work together last night...lets try again:

    TAKE 2:

    BD and NBN are right. Get what you want!! I just thought floors and cabinets should compliment each other and not be on 2 totally different ends of the spectrum. Ya know?

    Dark hairs on a dark floor won't show as bad, just like light ones on a light floor. In the end, a swiffer works wonders!! And it doesn't take long to do. So like they said, get what is going to make you the most happy!

    GL hon. Get what you want! Just let us know what that is, 'cause we're all curious at this point! lol

  5. I chose the manchester cherry because that is what I liked the best. I have heard that dark floors show scratches and dust more easily, but I don't know if that's true. The dust won't bother me because I'll be sweeping very frequently for several years until we get out of the baby/toddler phase.

  6. I've had both dark and light hardwood. The dark definitely shows the line of settled dust that hasn't been walked over and disturbed (if that makes sense) more, but floating furballs are equally bad on both. But swiffers are FABULOUS! They make solution for hardwood floors for the swiffer wet jet. It works well and smells great too.

    I had to laugh at your "wishful thinking" comment, I thought the same thing to myself about getting a bigger house. I personally didn't care for hardwood in the kitchen, so I went with ceramic tile instead..hopefully my dust will be concealed a little better now...again, wishful thinking I am sure :)