Monday, June 20, 2011

Nothing Happening...

Its been so long since I've had anything to report.  Since we finalized our selections, nothing has been happening.  NOTHING.  Yawn.  Ho Hum.  

We were told that Ryan might break ground last week, but clearly, that didn't happen.  I guess it might be this week.  Our pre-construction meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.

In the meantime, the Ravenna down the street has gone from a big hole in the ground to an actual house in less than 2 weeks.  Its unreal how fast it went up.  And, we got to go in it!

As we were stalking our lot to see if there was any hole started, the neighbors were at theirs, taking pictures and inspecting the work.  Their friends, who bought a lot down the street, were also there.  So, we met 2 sets of neighbors and got to wander around a Ravenna.  J, the neighbor, said his family is in the construction business and that the framing and exterior work was solid.  This made me happy.  The neighbors are very nice - one with young kids, one with no kids yet.  They seem like a social bunch, which is great.  Block parties, here we come.

Hopefully, I will have some good news and some pictures by mid-week.


  1. Normally, they will start a couple of weeks after the PCM. So hopefully you will have a hole next week!

    Good to hear that your neighbors are nice!

  2. For m they dug our hole 2 days after the pre construction mtg. You said your meeting is on wed. So chances are will dig on Friday so will see. :) that's awesome were able to met your neighbors we haven't met any yet and we are going to get our house this weekend so hopefully we will get the chance to meet someone.

  3. Yeah, I'm starting to get anxious. It seems like it isn't real yet - I need to see some STRUCTURE, so I can get my head wrapped around the fact that I'm really moving!

  4. As a couple of us have found out, things can get delayed by a little piece of missing paper.

    Anyway, it is amazing how fast they go. When we were there Friday afternoon a Ravenna(I think) around the corner from us had worker bees putting up the first wall of the first floor...we left 90 minutes later and the entire first floor was done. When we were there tonight, the entire second floor and roof was up and the entire house was wrapped already.