Saturday, June 11, 2011

Silt Fence, Floors and cabinets, oh my!

Its been another busy week.  I'm picking up on a trend here.  I think EVERY week is going to be a busy week until we are in our new home.  And then every week after that too, at least until we have it furnished, and painted, and landscaped, and cleaned...

Lots happened this week, and as you all found out, the cabinet choices changed and the vinyl chooses changed and I'm totally confused about what we can get, what we can't get and when we can see the samples.  Hopefully, this will be cleared up when we meet with our sales rep and our PM tomorrow.  We've not met the PM yet, though sales rep Jen promises that we will like him.  Its like a first date.  No, scratch that.  Its like an arranged marriage.  I don't think we have much choice - we have to take him and make it work.  So, that should be interesting.

We went to Creative Floors again on Thursday to review our choices.  And ended up not changing a thing.  D'oh!  First, a tip for everyone - do NOT schedule your appointment for the last appointment of the day.  We met at 6, and the flooring guy had another appointment after us.  He was like a different person, and not rushed at all.  We sat down at a table, had an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons of the wider plank, looked at colors, he talked about Ryan Homes.  He is of the opinion that they are the best builder in the area, particularly for taking care of problems after customers move in.  He interacts with a lot of new home buyers from a lot of different builders, so that was really nice to hear.

We thought we might change the color of the floor, and move to a wider plank.  He told us about the cupping that might happen if conditions weren't just perfect.  We decided that spending $1600 to upgrade to a nicer plank, but one that might have more problems over time just didn't make sense.  Then we moved to the color.  The flooring place had the new cabinet samples and based on a new cherry color that was added, we stayed with the cherry floors and decided to change the cabinets.

But the model doesn't have the new cabinet samples!  Arugh.

On our way home from the flooring appointment, we swung by the lot to see progress on the first home they started.  Lot number 5 broke ground a couple weeks ago, and we were surprised to see that framing had already begun.  We were more surprised to see this!

We have silt fence!  And what a nice job they did on installation too.  I'm in the environmental field, and know the value of a good silt fence and have had battles in my current neighborhood about poor sediment reduction practices.  I was pleased to see a nice job - but, it could also be that the county is much more stringent than my current town and take water quality seriously...  Rocks aren't in the entrance to the lot yet, but I expect they will be added soon.

Wonder whether they still plan to break ground next week?

(If anyone wants a long explanation about what silt fence does, and why they put stones on, let me know.  Apparently, normal people don't know what silt fence is, since when I told my mom and others about it, all I got was "a what?  What's a silt fence?")


  1. Congrats on it all!!

    love the pictures too!

    I never knew what the fence called. I assumed it was up so the workers new the lot they perimeters they were working with. I'd LOVE to know the real reason and the reason for the rocks! Our rocks are at the corner of the yard and NOT where the driveway will be.

  2. Oh...and GL on your meeting! I love the comment about the arranged marriage! lol

  3. Congrats on seeing progress on your lot...that means you are really really close to breaking ground. Doesn't look like the house is staked out yet. Do you know if they have the permit to dig yet? We are hoping to see similar progress when we go over later today. Last we heard they did not yet have our permit and as of Wednesday the layout of the house was not yet staked out. We will see...

    I have a pretty good idea of what the silt fencing is for, but would love a full explaination. Also, is your silt fence perfectly on your property line?