Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We took a quick last-minute trip up to the house today, and I was surprised to see the foundation with the molds off, ready for the next step!


Foundation from the surprise basement window
At least, that's what I think it is
View of egress window

What not to wear while you are walking around a construction site
after it rained all morning

While we were there, a young door to door salesman walked by and called out to us.  "You thinking about putting a deck on that house?"

Um, yeah, a deck and like, walls!  I took his card, and told him we'd call for an estimate when we had an actual house.  But I lied.  I can get recycled plastic decking at or near cost from a family member - and I have a handyman who built my last deck and did a really nice job.

We are headed to the mountains for a few days, so are going to miss the rest of the week.  I think they just slap up the waterproofing stuff, and then I believe there is another inspection before next week.  Then the fun really starts!


  1. You'd be surprised how fast it's going to go now!

    Have fun in the mountains! We'll miss you!!

    (btw...looking good!!)

  2. Yep...they don't leave the molds on long at all. The sooner they get the molds off the sooner it starts curing, plus if they leave them on too long it gets hard to get them off. It will be about a week before they start the framing. The same door-to-door sales guy must have come by our existing house too...told us it looks like we are okay with everything but if we need a deck give them a call...sounds like they were covering the whole area.

  3. Your basement is looking good! lol @ the deck guy! That is funny! I may have actually used his info...happy building and I like your flops! :)

  4. Awesome pics...it looks great! We can't wait to watch the rest of the house go up with you. Thanks for sharing!!!