Monday, August 22, 2011

#10 - Kitchen Storage Extravaganza

I have managed to overlook many of my townhome's shortcomings because of my very affordable mortgage and some of its nicer features, like the big backyard (for a townhouse) and the gorgeous sunsets.

But when BF moved in, this became a serious problem:

Tiny fridge, overfilled beyond capacity with healthy food.
And beer, and cheesecake.  Perhaps I'd have more room
without the beer and cheesecake (perfect together).

My "pantry".  In a real kitchen, a cabinet like this would store
big pots and pans.  Without any other storage, my pots and pans are
hanging on the walls and precariously perched on the tiny fridge.
Try as I might, there is zero way to organize this disaster and find where
that weird smell is coming from (rotting potatoes).

In my NEW house, I will have what, 8 or 9 cabinets this size, with pull out drawers, and a corner storage do-hickey and 42" high cabinets and a PANTRY.  An honest to god pantry, with a door, and shelves, where canned goods can live out their days happily organized.

Ravenna Pantry!  How will I ever fill this much space?
Beer and cheesecake will only do so much.
So, #10 - Kitchen storage space.  It will solve all of my problems and I will live happily ever after.

Or, it will just make dinner at home a less frustrating experience.  But, either one is a step up from where we are now!


  1. Woot woot! Lets here it for more kitchen space!! Great countdown item!

  2. Looks like our current apartment as well... I can't wait for the pantry bigger refrigerator!

  3. Yes, this is a duplicate picture of my cabinet space. I have to strategically put my pots in pans and bakeware and tupperware in the one cabinet that we have for those items. It is ALWAYS a pain to put in or take something out of that space. I agree with Noey! WOOT, WOOT! I cannot wait to have more than 4 or 5 cabinets! Now I will have so many, I will have nothing to fill them with! lol

    Great post!The beer & cheesecake is hillarious! We always seem to have an overflow of beer in our fridge as well! :( lol

  4. I'm so stuck on this storage space thing - I think items 9,8,7 &6 are all going to be SPACE. :)

  5. Oh I sooo agree with you on the Kitchen Storage Space. We are in a house, but still have the cabinet stack and pack effect. Our "pantry" consists of a standalone cabinet on one wall, a cabinet with open shelves above in the laundry room, and shelves in the garage...ugggh...can't wait till it is all in the kitchen and all organized without any stack and pack!!!