Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Closing Date!

I was going to post some more pictures, but forget that.  We have a targeted closing date, and its WAY SOON!!!

PM wants to meet on August 30 or 31 for final walkthru and is going to try to schedule the closing on September 1!  Just in time for my friends to get their asses over to my house(s) to do some labor day labor!

There is now a cage match between Excitement and Anxiety going on in my intestines.  Which one will win out?


  1. How exciting! Take deep breathes and all will go smoothly. :)

  2. That is super news!!!! You will be closing a few days before us. Some advice...if you plan to use professional movers...get them booked now. We started a few weeks ago and are having problems finding a quality moving company ... mainly because it is a holiday week and the 1st week of the month.

    Good luck!!!!

  3. WOOHOO!!! Congrats!! *throws confetti*

    That is awesome!!

    I understand the cage match!! I live with general anxiety disorder. So can you imagine what this process did to me? *hugs*

    Deep breath, some wine, relax. The good news is, you are almost HOME!!

  4. Yaaaaay! GL!!!!! We close on the 31st! We are all about to be LIVING THE DREAM like Noey in a few weeks! So excited! Congrats an get those friends moving on LABOR DAY