Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Incredible Progress

Things are happening so fast, I just can't keep up.  I have well less than 30 days to go and way more than 30 days worth of stuff to do!  It also feels like there is way more than 30 days worth of work for the tradesmen to do on the house too, but PM is confident that they will meet the deadline.

We are scheduled to do our final walkthru on Aug 31 - we will have our independent inspection that day as well.  Closing will be on Friday, September 2.  We'll have labor day weekend to get our ducks in a row, and the movers will come on September 7.  If all goes well...

Its been a while since I've posted any new pictures for you, so check this out!

The vinyl siding is finished!  Just waiting on the shutters.
The color is Delray Sand.  We like it - its happy and cheery, but
not ridiculously bright

Last week, they finished tiling the master bath, installing the new unbroken tub, and laid the very unexciting vinyl floor in the office/mudroom, bathroom and laundry room.

We also got cabinets!!

Cherry Cabinet (forget the name) and
Brazilian Brown laminate counter

We are both fairly unthrilled with the laminate.  The color is ok, but a little grey for my liking.  The square corner cut looks cheap and/or industrial.  It will be fine for a while, but I suspect we will upgrade sooner than later if we have any money left over after paying the movers, and our property manager, and for our washer/dryer and for our fridge, and for the deck...  Hmmm... Maybe we will be living with the laminate for longer than I thought.

They also installed the railing for the steps last week - it still needs to be stained, but it looks really nice.  I can't wait until they can uncover those hardwood steps!

Later this week, they are supposed to lay the hardwoods and the driveway and sidewalk.  Its really starting to look and feel like a house.  Like OUR house!


  1. It all looks fantastic and just like I thought, you caught us, passed us, and left us in the dust. It seems like once they get past the drywall and the 7 inspections before that, they get things done in a very predicatable schedule. Everything is really up in the air until the drywall is finished and then things just get done!!!

  2. Everything looks so great!! =) I love the color of your house! Everything looks great! =)

    It's exciting, isn't it!?

    So happy for you honey!!

  3. Sorry you are eating our dust BD! But, your house is twice as big, you couldn't possibly keep up with us! It won't be long now though for you.

    Noey - thanks so much. I was really worried about the siding color but now I really like it. Its the most cheerful house on the block. And the countertops, well, they will be covered in so much junk nobody will be able to see them anyway. :)