Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#7 - No More Butts

There are a lot of people here in my neighborhood that drive me insane: the ice cream truck men (there are three different ones!) with their loud kinder-muzak and diesel generators, the kids with their $500 cars, with the $3000 subwoofer, the kids in the street playing bball, the people who just can't figure out what day trash day is and what day recycling day is... Well, I could go on and on.

But the worst of them are by far, the smokers.  The smokers who stand in front of my house, or nearby, and flick their butts into the street, and the parking area.  And trash too.  But mostly butts.  They are everywhere - the parking area, my garden, my yard, the street, the sidewalk.  Its disgusting.  And, I can't for the life of me figure out why its not acceptable to toss your Burger King cup on the street, but its totally cool to flick a burning death ember.

I've tried, oh lord I have tried, to get the neighbors to not do this, but it has been an utter disaster.  The only time I had marginal success was with a guy down the street who had a crush on me and wanted to win me over.  And even then, I'm pretty sure he flicked when I wasn't around.

So, here's to #7 - coming out of my house and appreciating the garden, the sidewalk and the street, without cursing about the nasty butts.


  1. I feel your pain with the area you're leaving. We've had the police at our apartment 3 times in the last 8 months, one was because we were broken into. The local kids play basketball and somehow the ball ends up through our front door screen. Oh, I forgot to mention our upstairs neighbor who gets ripped and lets her kids run around crashing into the floor all night.

    I'm with ya. SOON!!!!

  2. I feel you! My husband has a friend who visits. When he's here, he smokes outside. =) However, he flicks his butts in the yard. Really dude? My kids play there. Not cool.

    And we just left a neighborhood like the one you are describing. Kids in my yard whenever they wanted (we chased teens who drinking in our yard away one night. And how did they repay us? By breaking into one of cars). We had several ice cream trucks. Young kids who thought it was cool to beat up other kids and curse loudly. Partiers who's homes boomed until 3 a.m. Not to mention the crappy cars with booming systems all through the night. Oh, and they loved to do 50 mph down our 25 mph street. *sigh* And I have already mentioned the crazy people and drug house and such.

    All I can tell you honey, is that when you are in your new place, it feels like exhaling. Kinda like you have been holding your breath the entire time, and now you exhale and relax. It sounds weird, I know. But it feels soooo good. No drama. No chaos. Just simple happiness. It's hard to explain, but once you're in, you'll understand.

    *hugs* You're almost there!!

  3. Ooooh I soooo feel your pain and understand this post! I can't wait to not be connected by the hip in this townhouse any longer! We can have privacy and less trash everywhere. In the winter its even worse! We can cut our grass and not have to worry about the neighbors grass being 10 feet high or their lack of lanscaping. We can be in a nice peaceful environment and not have to worry about someone parking in our two assigned parking spaces or finding somewhere for our guests to park! Life is good and I like this post!

  4. OMG YES! We are in a townhouse too and this morning I was woken up by someone blowing the horn for someone to come out of the house at 5:00 a.m.! Talk about no courtesy for people who are still sleeping before work or on Saturday at 7 a.m. the guy next door cutting grass on my only day to sleep in. If it is not that it is dirt bikes and 4 wheelers zipping up and down the street during the summer. I have had my drive way parked in or blocked so a parent could run into the house across to street to retrieve their child from the unlicensed daycare that is going on over there. The kids run up and down the street swinging on decorative trees that aren’t big enough to support their weight, leaving them looking like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, they pick flowers from my professionally landscaped garden and lean on my car. The lady next doors son sells weed out of the house while she is at work during the day. I pick up slurpy cups, twizzler paper, skittle bags, honeybun wrappers, and more that have blown down the street from the bus stop that is 2 blocks from a 7 Eleven and who could forget about the man at the end of the block with a tow truck that tows cars to my street and sticks for sale signs on them and takes up 3 spaces with that flatbed tow truck and the guy who works on cars as a side job right in the freaking driveway. But I get fined by the HOA because my trashcan blew down the driveway while I was on vacation and my neighbor put it near the garage and it is not supposed to be visible from the street. Get me out of here!

  5. Gregg, Chelly, Noey & Carlito - Do we live in the same neighborhood?!?!


    Sounds like the story is the same no matter where you go; a couple stinkers make life difficult for everyone around them, especially on small lots and busy streets. I'm going to curse it later, but thank god for my 1/2 acre!