Monday, August 29, 2011

4 Days Until Closing

Well, it appears that our new house is hurricane and earthquake proof.  I can't tell you how very glad I am that the week of East Coast destruction happened the week before we close, and not after we close.  We haven't actually gotten into the house yet (Final walk-thru is Wed) but we inspected it from the outside yesterday.  No siding was off, no shingles were laying around, and it looked like the basement was dry.  That's pretty damn good - there was over seven inches of rain there on Sunday.

I'm pretty brain dead right now - there is SO much going on.  We close on Friday.  We have showings this week starting tomorrow.  I've started changing addresses.  BF is making appointments.  Work is totally annoying.  Insurance company is being a pain in the ass.  Paperwork is flying.  Email box is cluttered.  You get the picture, and I know you've all been there too (or are going to be there very, very soon.)

So, because I have only a few brain cells left, here are some final pictures!

She's done!  Just waiting for that grass to come in
Landscaping in

More landscaping - with natives!

Dining room.   A little dark, but you can sorta see the floor and lighting 

Living room

My bare footies in the silky new carpet

Bathtub.  I guess its time to get some bubble bath.

Shower & private bathroom.

Master sink - i'll try to get some better pix
Family room.  Shiny shiny.

Wood Steps - it wasn't quite dry, but the PM ripped out the caution tape
and let us go up anyway

I know that we were really fortunate to not suffer any damage to either one of our homes.  I hope that all my blogger friends fared as well - and if you didn't, I hope that your insurance company and PM resolves it quickly and painlessly.


  1. Congrats on making it thru the Earthquake and Hurricane. We went down yesterday afternoon and did a full inspection inside and out. All is well. Major errosion of earth from the front yard, but other then that everything is just fine.

    Your house looks fantastic and the landscaping looks great. We know the feeling regarding the lists and chaos...we still have 23 days left but the list is growing faster then we can check things off. Good Luck with walkthru and settlement.

  2. Congrats hon! I can't believe it's that time already. WOW! I know you're excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. Before you know it, you'll be settled into your new place.

    Everything looks great honey! SO happy for you! GL with move! You better post some "after" pics. lol

  3. Your house is so nice it makes me feel happy when I look at that yellow, lol! I am so happy for you please enjoy the last few days of the countdown!

  4. BD - glad your house survived too!
    Noey - I will definitely post lots of pics. When I make any progress, which seems like an impossible feat!
    Carlito - thanks! that yellow makes me happy too!

  5. Oh boy, the house looks awesome. Glad to hear that you made it through the earthquake and hurricane. We are so very excited for you. And trust me...we know about the list. We feel that everytime we cross one thing off, we add two more things. It is never ending.

    We haven't been to the house at all this week. We meet with our home inspector tomorrow, and then we have the final walk-thru with RH on Thursday.

  6. The house looks so good! I love your Ravenna! The hardwood just shines like a new penny, the landscaping loos good as well. Good luck at closing! I feel like my head is spinning too, its glad to know that I am not alone! :)
    HW, the list is ridiculous! lol, i have added and crossed off so many items, im not sure if I am coming or going. lol