Sunday, September 18, 2011

11 Days

Hello Everyone!

We've been in our new home for 11 days and we are both still trying to get adjusted.  I never imaged how difficult it would be to adjust and feel "at home" in a new place.  Its slow going, but we are making progress every day.

For the first time in my life, we hired movers, and they were absolutely terrific.  Nothing was damaged or lost and the guys were hard-working and very friendly.  If anyone needs a moving company recommendation in the MD-PA-DE-NJ area, I'd be happy to share.

I spent the day after the move unpacking the kitchen - we tripled or quadrupled the kitchen space and I'm still struggling to figure out where to put things so that they are in the most useful place.  I find myself walking around and around the island grabbing a spoon here, the walking around and grabbing a bowl there, then again for a tupperware....  Ah, the problems that come with that gargantuan island.  

The kitchen, before we started using all the counterspace
as a place to store things we don't have a place for yet  :)

42" cabinets are great, unless you are 5'4 - and then only the
bottom 2 shelves are useful.  I seriously am in need of a kitchen stool

I unpacked some of my great-great-aunt's china (circa 1929) and I
intend to use it the next time I invite the girls over.  Except for this, which
I think is a butter warmer.  Anyone?
We had people over a couple days after we moved in - probably not the best idea in the world, but it was nice to breathe some life into our new place.  Official housewarming will happen way down the road, when the 2 front rooms aren't filled with boxes.

So far, I think my favorite part of the house is the front porch.  If any of you out there are thinking about getting a porch and wondering whether to do it or not, don't hesitate.  Get the porch!!!  We are already planning for how to decorate it for Halloween.

Now that things have settled down a bit, I can get back to blogging and sharing our progress.  Hmm, or maybe I should unpack a box or two?


  1. Glad to hear that you are all move in and getting settled. Your kitchen looks great and I'm not sure what that china dish is.

    We kindof slacked this weekend on unpacking...the weather was sooooo nice we just couldn't stay focused on the inside. We planted some mums and other flowers.

    We look forward to seeing more pics of the progress.

  2. HW - unpacking seems like so much WORK!! It is such a nice time of year that its hard to get motivated with inside projects. The summer was so stinkin' hot that we were inside a lot, and now I have to choose between the water and the woods, or the frustrations of installing shelving and blinds. Guess which one won out this weekend?!