Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Keys will be mine, tomorrow

Folks, it has been one hell of an exhausting week.

We had our first showing, and are having second thoughts about our property management company.  There have been some rather glaring and annoying communication issues that make us both have a bad feeling about it.

Despite saying several times that they had everything they needed, we STILL had to provide additional documentation to NVR this week, including the paycheck stub that I received TODAY, for my paycheck TOMORROW.  Seriously NVR?

The neighbors continue to be both fascinating and completely irritating and horrible.  Which makes me think our chances of renting the townhouse are getting slimmer by the minute.

However, we had our final inspection and walk through and it was quite good.  I can write more later, but we found a couple minor issues that could have led to problems later on.  PM agreed to fix everything we asked and most should be done before we get our keys tomorrow.

Closing is at 11, then we are going to buy some appliances (cross fingers for kick ass labor day sales) and if I'm super lucky, I'll get to go to the DMV!  

Am hoping that one good night of sleep and the prospect of actually living in my beautiful new house will shift my attitude by tomorrow morning.