Thursday, September 22, 2011

NVR Still Sucks

Yes, NVR continues to be frustratingly inept, weeks after we closed!

A couple days ago, our NVR mortgage broker sent BF an email.  They needed us to sign and initial some additional paperwork, because they had screwed up the paperwork that we signed at closing.

Is anyone surprised by this?  Yeah, I thought not.

The first thing they wanted us to sign was the form that my mother had sent in to document the gift she had given us.  The same document she scrambled to send in to them on their timeline - they neglected to finalize by having us initial and sign it.  After all the crap my mom went through to get them the documentation, I was quite ticked that they hadn't finished the job.

Wait, but that's not all!  They also screwed up our HUD settlement statement, which, as near as I can tell, documents and calculates our deposit money, downpayment, settlement cost and outstanding amount owed to the mortgage company.  I think its pretty serious that they had to amend this after settlement.

I looked at the two versions for about 30 minutes, trying to figure out where the differences were - eventually I figured out (and verified via email) that they had not changed the amount of the initial balance in our escrow account.  We got a check back at settlement of the difference between the initial calculated amount and the final amount, but for some reason, the HUD sheet didn't reflect the change (this would explain why I couldn't figure out why we were getting money back).

Neither mistake was terribly big, and didn't affect anything we paid or money we got back at settlement, but it was annoying to have to spend time trying to figure out that their mistake was minor AND it makes me wonder what other mistakes they made that weren't caught, and that could mean issues for us later down the line.

Morale of this story is, try to check your numbers at closing.  Ask questions - make sure you understand where any overpayments or underpayments are going and where they came from.  And, if you have a choice, run far far away from NVR and use a company that doesn't suck quite so badly.


  1. I'm soooo sorry you had to go through this! *hugs*

    Thank goodness it's over and you're home now!

  2. Good advice!!! Hopefully things are all done with NVR.

  3. I am not looking forward to dealing with NVR after hearing about your difficulties. Our circumstances are very similar indeed, so I'm going to try to prepare meticulously for this process.

  4. My dealings with NVR Settlement Services were very smooth.

    Our rep (who is a new guy) wants us to sign a change order (one week post-closing) that reflects a price change. I think they lost the original that was hand-delivered 2-3 months ago. They want it for auditing purposes. I'm not sure why that's my problem.

  5. Sorry to hear that you are still having a rough time. I haven't had any major issues with NVR yet (knock on wood). But this reminds me that my last change order still hasn't been processed yet and hasn't been sent to NVR either. Reminder note for me to follow-up. Hope everything works out.

  6. SCJ - definitely just be prepared for lots of extra questions and be ready. I think its way less frustrating when you aren't expecting it to go smoothly. Lowering the bar and what-not.

    G - that's exactly the kind of stuff that was the most frustrating. We had to sign things several times, and on _their_ time schedule when it was their fault that things were lost or wrong.