Sunday, September 18, 2011

Double Coupon: Lowe's v Home Depot

Before I forget, I wanted to share a Lowe's & Home Depot tip with you.

When we changed our address with the Post Office, we were offered some online coupons, one of which was for 10% your entire purchase at Lowe's.  Pretty nice, since big box home stores are sucking our wallet dry right now.

I had the 10% off Lowe's coupon in my wallet at the Home Depot checkout.  The cashier kindly offered to see if they could accept it.  Hey, alright!  I'm all for it.  She got on the phone, talked to her manager, then told us that they couldn't take the coupon, but would give us a discount off one item.  The discount she gave us off the one item was about 10% of our entire order.  AND we kept the Lowe's coupon and get to use it next time we go to Lowe's!

File this under: You Never Know until you Try.

(PS - I really prefer Lowe's but Home Depot may have won me over with this)


  1. I prefer Lowe's too and they will do the same thing.

    btw...since you are new to the area the Lowe's in Newark(like the Middletown store) is better stocked and offers more variety then the store in Bear.

  2. Thanks BD. Good to know. Both the Orange and the Blue around here do seem to be a bit older, with less selection.

    Seems like the morale of this story is if you have a coupon from either store, work it, and use it twice!! :)