Monday, September 5, 2011

Shower to Shower

Ok people, I have a very important question for those of you with a stall shower.

How do you put your STUFF in it?!?!

I realized today as we were sealing the grout that we've got one soap holder in there, and that's it.  Its really pretty and sleek and fancy, but there is absolutely nowhere to put a bottle of shampoo, or a razor, or a shower poof.  I mean, I could change my hygienic habits, but BF probably would tire of that fairly quickly.

To me, the most feasible option looks like drilling some shower shelves in there, but drilling through that tile scares me!  Not much room for error there.

So, other than a thing that hangs from the shower nozzle, have any of you found any ingenious products for storing your suds in the shower?


  1. Put an X with masking tape on the center of where you want the hole to be. If you're drilling through the ceramic tile itself, make sure you use a carbide-tipped masonry drill bit. This is the most important thing -- if you don't use this kind of drill bit, it's likely you will crack the tile. You can find them at any hardware store or Home Depot. Just buy the one size you need for the specific size of your screws.

    Drill slowly -- don't put a lot of pressure on the bit as you drill, just even pressure slowly. Last, make sure you use a wall anchor for safety.

    Here's the full article which I've pretty much summarized:

  2. Ive always used a tention rod with shelves in the corner of the shower. They have different style kits. Other than that and the hanging thing, or not sure what else. :( They do have suction cup shelves but im not sure how well they work.

  3. we have a seat in our shower, so that helps. We put a little corner thing on it.

    Can you hang something over the wall of the shower (into the shower)?

    I know some of the wall hooks people use at Christmas can be put on there and hang a poofy from.

    And like NBN said... you can get floor to ceiling corner shelves. GL

  4. To avoid the multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc. We plan to install shower soap dispenser...they have ones that stick to the wall or drill into the wall. As for the razors and poofs, we plan to buy the hooks with the suction cups.

  5. Nothing else to say...everyone already gave you all my ideas...unless you feel very confident about the drilling I would do that one have to be real careful and go real slow, plus make sure there is nothing on the other side of the wall. Personally I would opt for the over the wall hanger with shelf and the stick on hooks for the poofs. Like Noey, we have seats in our 2 main walk in showers.

  6. I have no idea why we didn't get a seat!!!! :( That would have solved my problem.

    Really want to stay away from drilling, but thanks to DocJohn, I'll be a bit more prepared if we go that route. I'm hoping to find a corner tension rod thing - just didn't know if they made them extend to 9'!

    I'm finding out that "bigger" doesn't always fix your storage problems. More on that later!

  7. Not sure if this will be any help anymore, but I found this, and wanted to throw it out there for you.

  8. @absolut - love the shower organizer and love the website. Thanks for sharing.