Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sherwin Williams 40% off Sale

Sherwin Williams is having a sale this weekend - 40% off paints and 30% (?) off painting supplies.  It inspired me to stop by my local store and grab a ridiculous number of samples, which are now tucked behind random light switches so we can try to figure out what they might look like.

I'm not really ready to tackle painting, but the white walls are beginning to depress me, so this sale might inspire action on at least one room.

Right now, the winners look like White Raisin for the family room/kitchen and Brandywine for the morning room.  Still struggling with whether to do an accent wall, or try to break up the color between the family room and the kitchen.  Actually, I'm struggling with how long it will probably take to paint this entire room!

Here's a question for you all:  Did you (or do you plan) to paint the under-side of soffits?  We've got a soffit that runs the entire length of the family room into the kitchen - the underside of it was white in the model house, but I thought it looked kinda funny.  But it would sure be nice to not have to paint it too....


  1. I love those colors! We are hiring painters I hate painting so much it takes me forever and taping is the pits. I ALWAYS get color on the ceiling and it always drips. I dont think I will be able to make it to 10 months so we will be paining probably about 2 months in. Good luck cant wait to see pics.

  2. For some reason I have a hard time commenting on people's blogs(technical issues). However, I was thinking about your question whether to paint the underside of the soffit. The soffit does not extend through the living room in our Ravenna, it stops right above the dining room doorway....but I've been looking at it and pondering what I would do and I have come to the conclusion I would paint it. I think it would look silly just left white as you said. In our old house we had a soffit that ran through our entire kitchen and into an entry way and we painted it then as well so I would paint it. Love your colors.....I'm having trouble deciding on whether to do an accent wall or just solid colors myself. If I can get my stuff together I'll hopefully post some pictures soon. Hope you're loving your new house. I know we certainly are....its so beautiful!!

  3. AJ - I'm glad you agree with me!! :) We haven't painted yet - still contemplating, but will be going to sherwin williams this week to get some samples.

    As for an accent wall, you can do that anytime! That's what I think I'm going to do. Just get some color up on the walls, and if in a few months I decide I need a bit more, I can pick one wall and paint over it. One wall is going to seem like a breeze after painting this giant family/dining/kitchen room....